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We offer Shiazo already flavoured in more than 30 sorts and also pure for self-moistening (coming soon). In any case Shiazo can be used like normal hookah tobacco and is suitable for every hookah and every head. Order Shiazo now and find the optimal setup!
For a perfect steam result we recommend the ready flavoured Shiazo. When producing it, specially developed aromafluids and the PIM is utilised (coming soon).


General tips and information


  • For the same duration of use about 20 % wt. more Shiazo is necessary compared to tobacco.
  • Shake flavoured Shiazo shortly before usage.
  • With a spoon an easy dosage is possible.
  • For a long steam enjoyment the heat has to be uniform and not to strong.
  • Liquid and minerals should not be overheated. A temperatur range between 150-200 °C turned out to be optimal.
  • For a dense steam the smoke column should not be more than 2 cm under water.
  • Shiazo is not suitable for human consumption. Keep Shiazo out of the reach of children.
  • There is no age restriction known by law. We recommend a usage from the age of 16 up.