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Finally steaming hookah! Shiazo consists of a special mineral complex which is able to absorb liquids very efficient.

This ability makes it possible to use Shiazo instead of tobacco in hookahs. With a grain size between 5 and 9 mm, Shiazo is suitable for every hookah and any kind of head. Shiazo is available in more than 20 flavours.

The mineral complex absorbs an optimal amount of liquid until it is saturated and thus is ready to let the steam out. No additional steps are necessary - just put it into your hookah. The ready flavoured Shiazo offers an especially easy and quick way. In this case also a special customised aromafluid and the PIM is utilised for production. This guarantees an uncomparable steam enjoyment!



When Shiazo is heated up for example with an electrical coal, the aromafluid is released slowly as steam. Start steaming - without nicotine and burning products which would result from conventional tobacco! The steam has an intense taste, an enormous dense and nevertheless is mild. It is completely smokeless because there are no solids inside. By the way, an evaporation is also possible in the warmer.

The can with seal can be easily stored and labeled. A high quality aluminum lid with label securely closes the can.

Try the first smokeless hookah now!